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Masteron SP
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Masteron SP

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We can sum it all up when we say that Masteron is a very specific anabolic for mass gain and resistance increase, when used outside the prescription.

It's worth mentioning that this anabolic, due to the androgenic predominance, prevents estrogen from reaching compromising levels, which would have side effects such as gynecomastia.
Basically this AAS serves to create muscle mass more quickly, in addition it helps to burn fat.

Masteron, in synthesis, is more powerful than testosterone up to 6 times. It is naturally created in the prostate.

This substance increases performance for activities that involve physical exercises, so it is an anabolic used also by athletes.

The action of this steroid also includes improvements in protein synthesis inside the cell, thus leading to an increase in muscle tissue.

With weight training exercises - the mass resulting from anabolism is manipulated - taking shape and resulting in a unique, attractive physique that represents strength and virility.
  • The benefits of Masteron are perceived in the muscular quality, that is, it consolidates the musculature.
  • This advantage has led this anabolic to be preferred by weightlifter competitors, after all, its 'cosmetic' effect is unparalleled, even more so for cutting.
  • For, while visibly growing muscles, it promotes muscle firmness and leaves it attached to the skin.
  • It also highlights the advantage of not flavoring and guaranteeing milder side effects, precisely for this reason, it is one of the first options for anabolic beginners.
  • This anabolic can even reduce the accumulation of fluid in organisms in cases of body fat below 10%.
  • Also noteworthy is a rare benefit of this anabolic, which is the low probability of becoming hepatotoxic.