Nandrolone Deca 200mg
Nandrolone Deca 200mg
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Nandrolone Deca 200mg

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the main function of nandrolone is the reconstruction of tissues after being affected by chronic pathologies or other more severe damages.

The substance also serves to assist in the development of lean body mass, especially when there is little nitrogen in the muscles.

In cases of osteoporosis (deficiency of tissue in the bones) Nandrolone acts to improve bone mass, ameliorating the symptoms of the disease.

Another treatment that receives the help of this medication are anemias from cytotoxic cells (which destroy healthy cells), as well as anemia called spinal cord aplasia.

People with chronic kidney failure also receive the drug as an adjunct to treatment.

For those who train with aesthetic objectives, or for those who play sports at the competition level, the substance brings significant gains such as:

  • Considerable increase in muscle mass, on average 15% in a short time;
  • Proportional and faster weight gain (condition for those looking for hypertrophy);
  • More physical resistance;
  • Increased production of creatine phosphate, essential for better distribution of energy by the cells of the body.
  • Helps in maintaining lean mass, preventing a diet or intense exercise from destroying tissues (catabolic reactions).
  • For those who want to lose fat, they lose only fat, since it promotes nitrogen retention.
  • Relief and even healing of injuries.
  • High capacity to promote collagen and also acts in the production of bone mineral content.
  • The result of this hormone in the body is the healing of ligaments and tendons, not only acting as an analgesic, but effectively treating and curing the athlete.