1. I would like to buy with you, is it safe?
Yes, it is safe to buy from us, we have worked with it for many years and when we had a problem, we always solve it, guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers.
2. In addition to the products, do you offer anything else?

We are engaged exclusively in sales

We don't paint any courses

We do not give advice on which medicine is best to choose

We don't recommend "nothing to weigh or dry"

We don't carry out educational programs
3. I don't understand it so well, but I would like to buy and use it, where can I find more information?
We accept people who know what they need, but if you are not sure what you are buying, you can read in the description of our products where we put as much information as possible.
4. Are your steroids legit?
We sell popular brands all over the world, from the original manufacturer. It is safe to buy from us, more, you can check the products on the official website of Balkan Pharmaceuticals, you will see that the products are genuine.
Our steroids are legitimate, you can be sure of our offer, as we do not intend to supply counterfeit products with no future in the market. We are interested in developing a future business so we care about our customers.
We just ask our customers to buy a product to see the good quality of our products.
5. Do you estimate a maximum order value?
We do not have a maximum order value limit for our customers, they can order as much as they want and we will try to please them in the best way.

We accept large orders, even over 100k $

6. To what countries do you deliver to?

We deliver worldwide, so feel free to order from any country in the world.

7. Do you ship to P. O. Boxes and APOs?

Yes, we do ship to P. O. Box and APO addresses. We kindly ask you to enter the shipping info in the comment line of each order to have an optimal delivery of your purchase.

8. What is the way you ship?

We ship our products internationally and all the parcels are delivered safely.

- Our company name or something else related to pharmaceutical content is not specified on the parcel or packing slips.

- The packaging method is modified regularly to obtain a satisfying delivery.

- We use small packages to escape undesired problems. If we have a big order that won't fit into one package, we will divide it into more packages (all for one Shipment Handling charge if the package is shipped from the same warehouse).

- Sometimes we may reuse the original boxes for packing products that can match with the order (our company has an environmental aim).

- The orders are shipped from different deposits situated in various worldwide countries.

9. Do you secure your packages? What about customs, what happens if the package is retained?

We care a lot about our security system, we pack the parcels as privy as possible. If a package is seized by customs, we kindly ask you to send us the sequester letter from customs or FDA so we could reship the order at no fee for you. The client should scan the sequester letter and attach it to the email describing the problem, that shall be sent to the email offered from our customer support. We can send you one more order only once. We don't reship to these locations: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Africa, APO/FPO, countries from South America, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, Chile, Dubai and more.

10. What about shipping duty?

The delivery cost is 30-35 Euros, but if the package shall be shipped from 2 different warehouses, the shipping fee will be increased by 15-25 Euros for every additional package.

11. Is the delivery secure?

We provide the maximum discretion when we ship the packages. We repack the products from their boxes very safely to avoid shipment volume. We don't put our company's name on any parcel, and the packages are sent from different places from Europe and other worldwide countries, this way we intend to provide optimal safety and guaranteed delivery. 

12. Do I have to sign when receiving the order?

The products are delivered by Registered Regular Airmail and the Customer must sign when receiving the package. Delivery of items purchased by the Customer shall be made to the indicated delivery address.

13. How much time does it take to place an order and get it shipped?

At the time the customer makes an order, our Customer Support team will immediately send an instruction e-mail related to the payment methods. When we receive and confirm the payment, the order will be packed within 1-5 business days.

The packages sent by Registered Airmail arrive at the destination in about 1-3 weeks from the moment of dispatching. Delays may occur, due to customs, during holiday periods, or due to bad weather conditions, and now because of the pandemic.

It is necessary to sign when receiving the package. In case you are not at the shipping address at the moment of delivery, the package will be at the Post Office and you will need an ID to pick up the package.

Important note: If you have to receive a package that is not trackable and you didn`t get it in 2-3 weeks and neither had received a letter from the Post Office informing you that the package is there, please go to the local Post Office because usually, the package will be there. If the order will not be picked in 2-3 weeks from the Post Office, it will be sent back to the sender.

If you did not receive the order within the time limit (8-10 weeks), we ask you to write to our customer support or send us an e-mail to assist you. We will be very grateful to you for your understanding and patience in the matter if such a problem occurs.

14. What should I do if I don't get my order?

If the package has been sequestered at customs or lost in the mail, you will not be able to receive it. If a package is seized by customs, we ask you to send us the sequester letter from customs or FDA so we could reship the order at no fee for you. The client should scan the sequester letter and send it to our email. If you did not receive the order within the time frame, we invite you to write to our customer support or send us an e-mail to assist you properly. Please remind that we can send you one more order only once.

15. What is a Semi-Shipped order?

Semi-shipped means that the order was submitted for shipment. One item of the order has been already shipped out while the other is in the process to be shipped within 1-5 days.

16. Do you ensure tracking numbers? / Can the packages be trackable?

For detailed information about the tracking number do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you in the matter.

17. What can I do if my parcel is late?

If such a problem occurs, the delay is probably due to customs service or the inappropriate mail service. If you did not receive the order within the time limit, we ask you to inform our customer support about it or send us an e-mail to assist you with pleasure.