Payment methods


We require a minimum order of $100, but we do charge for freight that varies from continent to continent, and we use the best freight so that you can get your hands on it.

1 - From 500 dollars, the freight is on account of the company, if you buy with us from time to time, we can give you a discount, or if someone buys with us on your recommendation.

2 - We provide lifetime discounts (attached to the customer's account in our store) for our devoted and constant customers!

All out customers can get the following lifetime discounts for all products:

5% lifetime discount for all future orders once you placed 3 orders in our store and paid for them.

10% lifetime discount for all futures orders once you placed 6 orders in our store and paid for them.

15% lifetime discount for all futures orders once you place 10 orders in our store and paid for them.

3 - We have a referrals program.

To participate in our affiliate program you only need to invite new customers and we will create an exclusive coupon for you to send to your referral, to be aware that it came through you, contact us to request your email:

Send this link to your friends / colleagues, etc. After registering a new customer, he will be your reference!

Let us know the name of your referral and we will put it in your referrals database.

For each order placed for each of your requirements, you receive a reward equal to 5% of your referral's total order. Your reward will be transferred to your account only after your referral's order has been paid and shipped.

There is no limit here! You can invite questions references you want / can.

Here is a n example: you invited 3 persons.

Person 1 placed an order worth 300$.

Your reward would be 300 * 5% = 15$

Person 2 placed an order worth 150$.

Your reward would be 150 * 5% = 7.5$

Person 3 placed an order worth 800$

Your reward would be 800 * 5% = 40$

Your total profit for all 3 referrals would be 15+ 7.5 + 40 = 62.5$

If you are going to pay in another currency, such as Euro or British Pound and others, we will convert according to the commercial rate.

After receiving payment details, you will have 48 hours to make the payment. If the order remains unpaid after a lapse of 48 hours, we can cancel your order at any time. If this happens, you will need to place your order again; thus, it is possible that not all the products you have originally ordered will be in stock then.

If you believe you may need more time to make the payment, you can simply contact us and ask for such additional time, and we will give you additional 48 hours.



Bank Transfer*

* The details of the transfer and an account number will be sent as soon as your order is verified and accepted by the store staff.

*We are accepting payments in American dollar, Canadian dollar, Singapore dollar, New Zealand dollar, Australian dollar, euro and British pound.

Cryptocurrency* the safest payment method*

*We are accepting payments in cryptocurrency, you can make the payment directly at checkout when finalizing your order.

Credit card *

*We don’t accepting credit cards at moment.


Any doubts, contact us: