Anavar (Oxan) 100 Tabs
Anavar (Oxan) 100 Tabs
Anavar (Oxan) 100 Tabs
Anavar (Oxan) 100 Tabs
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Anavar (Oxan) 100 Tabs

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Does oxandrolone lose weight? This is a pertinent question for those who are “exploring” the possibility of adhering to this steroid.

Precisely because it reduces subcutaneous fat, it causes a more youthful-looking effect, which is why Anavar is very popular with women as well.
The biggest benefit of Anavar is that it increases the energy supply for strength training almost immediately.

Oxandrolone should provide other advantages:

  • Ingestion is oral, which removes the need for needles;
  • Fast energy supply, in the form of phosphocreatine and ATP, for weight training and weight training;
  • Visible fat reduction and abdominal, visceral and subcutaneous circumference with a “Fat-burner” effect;
  • Increased motivation;
  • Increased resistance and anaerobic power;
  • Reduced risk of aromatization, which is when testosterone, the basis of most steroids, becomes estrogen;
  • Little water retention (fluid retention), unlike many other steroids, the water retention caused by Oxandrolone is much less, with less risk of causing hypertension;
  • Increase in immediate strength;
  • Increased resistance.

However, thanks to the steroid-like properties (especially by testosterone) it is stated that the substance can be used for the purpose of weight reduction.

Certainly, we have that Oxandrolone is a medication, which has already been used to treat lack of fertility and even anemia.

Currently, the drug Anavar is part of clinical therapies aimed at:

  • Recover weight in case of people who have been exposed to complex surgeries;
  • Heal trauma to the dermis;
  • Treat cases of severe infection and turner syndrome.

 How many days can you see results?

However, when consumption is associated with a balanced diet and physical activities, good results can be achieved, especially with body definition.

And changes in physique can be noticed between 30 and 45 days.


How to take Oxandrolone?

Usually the daily recommendations for this medicine range from:

  • 30 to 100 mg or 8 to 12 tablets for men
  • 10 to 30 mg for women or 4 to 6 tablets for women

*Doses can be consumed with some food or just with water.