Parabolan (hexa)
Parabolan (hexa)
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Parabolan (hexa)

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Trenbolone is now the biggest steroid.

The strongest, the most powerful!
Legitimate trenbolone will result in the following ideas, make sure you get our trenbolones from Balkan and SP Labs

A huge strength, and I want to tell you HUGE strength

Immediate effect of burning fat like ECA (ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin), but without getting too fast and without the feeling of weakness that ECA gives you in the long run, much better than yuck for burning fat.

Immediate increase in lean muscle mass, first by means of hardening and density of the body that you have, the fibers will get closer and then it will start to separate due to the water that goes to the muscle and the decrease in the distance between the skin and muscle.

Legitimate trenbolone will be yellowish gold, which can be either more yellowish or more golden depending on oxidation and other factors, but the color is a combination of gold and yellow more yellow at some point at some time more gold

Legitimate trenbolone will make a fatter guy sweat a lot more than a skinny guy, thin guy won't sweat as much.

Legitimate trenbolone will let you eat what you want and get from point A to point B, no matter how long your diet is as long as enough calories and protein and carbohydrates you will be shreded in the final process and will conserve all your muscles, increasing your your lean muscle mass because when you lose fat and don't lose weight, or lose very little weight.

You have increased your muscle mass, it will be seen in the separation of the muscle and the fixation of the skin to the muscle, in the sense of obtaining the shape of the muscle, skin and muscle become one,, veins, then, from day 3 they will jump out out every day in places you’ve never seen, you’ll have veins coming through your hair scalp even if you’re a chimpanzee you’ll see the veins on your scalp.
Legitimate ace trenbolone makes the female gender aware of you, all of a sudden, women who do not touch bodybuilders will be attracted, if you have a wife who does not have much sex or sex is minimal, when using trenbolone you will see her if approaching for sex and wanting to have sex with you, like when you see a hot babe with stiff breasts, she will see you as the toy dolls that she and her friends used to joke around at school, she will have sex with you a lot more and will start him, dry guy who holds the muscle and looks ripped, but keeps the thickness, get the most out of the female, do not try to debate with me this is part of the facts Trenbolone legit.
  • No retention
  • Burns a lot of fat
  • Very anabolic
  • Sooo androgenic, more than testosterone
  • Increases igf-1
  • Increases glycogen
  • Anti-catabolic, reduces sensitivity to cortisol
  • Dose from 300mg to 1600mg per week
  • Very anabolic again (to reinforce)
  • Increases levels of IGF-1 increases more than testo itself
  • It also increases the sensitivity of cells to IGF-1
  • Decreases fluid retention
  • Increases the concentration of glycogen in the cell.