Enanthate test
Enanthate test
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Enanthate test

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  • Fatigue
  • General indisposition
  • Excessive tiredness
  • Irritability
  • Decrease in physical energy
  • Decreased memory
  • Low memory and cognition capacity
  • Reduction of sexual desire
  • Decreased muscle and bone mass
  • Poor erection
  • Changes in sleep
  • Increased abdominal circumference
  • General decrease in the feeling of well-being
Medical studies also point out that low testosterone can also cause more risks of cardiovascular disease.
The primary indication for testosterone cypionate is to replace the hormone in men who suffer from hypogonadism.

However, it has beneficial effects on the body that are beyond the limits of hormonal treatment for men with testosterone deficiency.

Testosterone cypionate is also used for rapid muscle gain and serves as a replacement for testosterone.
Testosterone cypionate is a synthetic form of testosterone prepared from cholesterol.

Being able to bring countless benefits that go beyond the hormonal therapy, let's see ahead the advantages that the use can bring:

  • Gain muscle mass quickly;
  • Helps to improve the willingness to train;
  • It interferes with muscle strength, improving it;
  • Favors the burning of localized fat;
  • Promotes physical strength;
  • It increases the healing capacity of the immune system after each training session;
  • It can also help people with difficulties in producing sperm, promoting an increase in sperm count in the male organism;
  • It increases the density of bones, so it is considered a treatment for osteoporosis;
  • It is punctual for the cardiovascular system;
  • It serves to balance blood pressure;
  • Improves the ability to concentrate;
  • Increased libido and sexual desire.