Anadrol (oxymetholone) 60 Tabs
Anadrol (oxymetholone) 60 Tabs
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Anadrol (oxymetholone) 60 Tabs

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When it comes to muscle mass gain, Anadrol is immediately cited, as there are reports of people who using the drug gained more than 10 kg in a short time!
The product in question is also widely used by those who have difficulty in building muscle mass early in their training.
In therapeutic doses it aims to treat diseases such as anemia, osteoporosis and chronic problems that cause loss of muscle tissue (such as HIV / AIDS).

Because it is an anabolic steroid for oral use, and quickly metabolized by the liver, bringing its positive effects quickly.

Because of these characteristics, it is known as one of the most potent steroids in existence.

It's well known for its ability to generate rapid weight gain and strength in the user.
Anadrol improves performance and athletic strength because it helps to break out muscle mass by increasing muscle protein synthesis.

Other factors where it is relevant are:
  • That of inhibiting catabolism;
  • Avoid breaking muscle fibers;
  • Avoid nitrogen retention;
  • Stimulate the formation of red blood cells.
  • Action on the central nervous system and limbic system, increasing the feeling of competitiveness, motivation and aggressiveness.
  • Increases the tolerance of the skeletal muscle to high intensity training, especially in the trapezius and vastus lateralis muscles.
  • Increases the expression of androgenic receptors in muscles, which means increasing the effect of supplements, with lower dosages.
  • The concentration of androgen receptors varies from one muscle group to another; in humans, the muscles of the upper arm, chest and back are the most responsive. Therefore, if you want to have stronger arms and chest, Anadrol will have exactly that role.
  • It is an anabolic easy to use because it is oral
  • Ease of adjusting the dosage
  • Rapid muscle hypertrophy, especially of the chest and arms
  • Reduction of fat mass
  • Increase in the production of red blood cells and, consequently, in the capacity of transporting oxygen to the muscles
  • Increase in aerobic resistance