THERMOGENIC: hormonal crash and rebound effect

When you use a powerful thermogenic (T3, T3, clenbuterol, EC etc.) to lose fat your metabolism changes dramatically, optimizing fat loss. The big problem is that after stopping use these drugs have a compensatory effect (hormonal crash), leading to a drastic reduction in your metabolism. In this scenario, your body tends to store fat more easily and fat loss becomes an arduous process. To worsen calorie restriction and weight loss, they also cause a reduction in your metabolism beyond what would be predicted by the change in body weight (your metabolism may be ~ 200-500 kcal slower than would be expected at a lower weight). This effect is known as adaptive thermogenesis and becomes increasingly significant with the reduction of fat stores, making weight loss more and more difficult and favoring weight recovery. Another aggravating factor is that with the loss of fat, there is a reduction in the levels of leptin (hormone produced in adipocytes, fat cells) and alteration of other hormones that control our satiety in the CNS. With a slow metabolism and a big appetite the shit is done;)

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