Well guys, in this quick article I'll just try to clarify something that is cause for confusion and controversy, in my view unnecessary. It doesn't really matter which testosterone ester you are going to use during a cycle, in terms of anabolic and side effects. Any testosterone will have almost the same effects when used in equivalent doses. The gain in muscle mass, fat burning and retention will be similar, and what will basically differentiate this is your diet planning. You will be retained in bulk using cypionate or propionate, the time of action of the drug will have little influence on this aspect, because in the supraphysiological doses used, the increase in testosterone concentrations will make aromatization increase anyway, since E2 levels (estradiol) and DHT tend to accompany testosterone levels. So using the cypionate argument retains more than enanthate or propionate has no foundation, because with testo high on a high carbohydrate diet retention will happen in a similar way to any testosterone ester, and when you're on a cutting diet, the lower retention is due more to the low levels of insulin and carbohydrates than the choice of testosterone, because if it is retained in cutting with cypionate and lasts, it will not be much different if using propionium or phenyl, since the levels of estradiol should not be very different by the ester change.
There is no reason to consider that enanthate and cypionate have significant differences, if they are two esters with a difference in the chemical structure of only one carbon and a similar half-life with a difference of no more than 1-2 days between them (enanthate ~ 6 days, cypionate ~ 8 days). Testosterone cypionate was an ester used more in the USA, while enanthate more in Europe.
What basically changes between the different testosterone esters is their time of action (half-life) and the concentration of the base drug in the ester, and these factors may be important in the choice of the ester, not because of the effects of testosterone, but rather in the amount of drug used and mainly in the planning of the cycle, in the timing to start CPT, or even in an anti-doping control, since a short ester has the advantage of having its levels reduced much more quickly than a long ester.
But above all, remember that the most important thing is to have a legitimate testosterone on hand, so a pharmacy durateston in a cutting is better than a propionate of dubious origin. The important thing is that you trust your source to use something legit. Below is a table with the testosterone concentration in the different esters:

Testosterone Base: 100mg
Testosterone acetate: 83 mg
Testosterone propionate: 80mg
Testosterone isocaproate: 72 mg
Testosterone enanthate: 70mg
Testosterone Cypionate: 69 mg
Testosterone Phenylpropionate: 66 mg
Testosterone decanoate: 62 mg
Testosterone undecanoate: 61 mg
Sustanon: ~ 70mg (every 100mg)

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