Steroids: genetics, low doses, estrogen...

– the response to anabolic steroids depends on the individual's genetics, good sensitivity of the receptors;

– having high levels of NATURAL testosterone does not mean having a good response to steroids;

– low doses is a very relative concept, but when I first used it I was talking about doses in the range of 200-300mg per week of androgens. Something like 30 mg dianabol or stanozolol a day. This won't give you any absurd results, but modest gains and a quick recovery of the HPT axis (if you used short MV steroids);

– results depend on the dose, so it's no use thinking that there will be a continuous evolution using low dose protocols. Every dose puts you within a certain potential. Just as we have a maximum natural genetic potential, we have a maximum potential for any dose;

– if almost no one reaches their natural maximum genetic potential, it is much more difficult to exploit this potential with 1-2 g doses of steroids. Almost all abusers today do not explore their potential with smaller doses, as high doses are not consistent with their physical condition (2-4g a week);

– a competition shape can be achieved with low doses if the individual has “top genetics”, a minority of naturals. But most men can achieve a competitive physique with doses close to 1g per week of androgens. The gh15 himself was already talking about doses like that to compete in state competitions and don't doubt that some national champions (classic, mens physique, 65-85kg) use doses like that, even without GH;

– only an ignorant layman believes that GH is a miracle hormone. The GH potential depends on its synergy with steroids and insulin and this potential is dose dependent. GH used alone and in a bad physique is a waste of money, a big blunder;

– only a layman believes that a high-level physicist always needs trenbolone. There are high-level athletes who just don't do well with tren, due to its aggressive side;

– when using steroids in supraphysiological doses there is no 100% safe use, even low doses. The risks depend on the dose, the individual's response, the drugs chosen. It is prudent to avoid chronic use of trenbolone and 17aa steroids when it comes to sport longevity;

– all steroid users should prioritize medical follow-up and basic exams (the most commonly altered ones) should be routinely performed on those who keep using them;

– having high estrogen (estradiol) will not necessarily hinder fat loss or increase water retention. This type of effect depends a lot on the individual's genetics, their sensitivity to estrogen. Some steroids aromatize little (less than testosterone) or nothing and cause a lot of retention (nandrolone and hemogenin);

– steroids can help with fat loss, but it depends on the individual's genetics. Some respond well to this thermogenic effect, others don't. In women this is more evident. Many women do not respond well to the thermogenic effect of steroids because they increase insulin resistance (as in PCOS). Copying the cycle of an athlete friend of good genetics will not work most of the time;

– inhibiting a woman's estrogen on a steroid cycle is generally stupid and brings more harm than good. It will hardly help you lose more fat and tends to enhance virilization of anabolic steroids;

– all androgenic steroids reduce shbg. You don't need to use stanozolol or proviron for this. It also does not mean that only free testosterone has biological activity, as the fraction of testosterone that binds to albumin is weakly bound and may have biological activity as well;

– if you are afraid of a simple gynecomastia and have doubts about how to solve this simple collateral, you should stay away from steroids.

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