Because trenbolone doesn't work so well on you!

When it is said that a certain hormone “dries up”, or that another hormone is better to be used in the muscle volume gain phase, it is necessary to carefully analyze the context. This distinction, particularly between androgenic steroids, has become clearer over the years of steroid use in bodybuilding. In the past it would be common for bodybuilders to use drugs such as deca (nandrolone) or dianabol even in the pre-contest phase. This distinction became clearer when bodybuilders realized that in caloric restriction certain drugs enhance fat burning, precisely steroids that do not aromatize (do not increase estrogen levels), such as oxandrolone, trenbolone, stanozolol, primobolan, masteron. While drugs that undergo aromatization (elevate estrogen) - testosterone, deca, dianabol, hemogenin - would not be as potent for this fat burning purpose, but they were very powerful to increase physique volume gain, not just for mass gain muscle, but by the large increase in water retention.

Now let's get one thing clear, the best bodybuilders in general already have favorable genetics, a great genetic potential, this means a favorable metabolism for muscle mass gain and fat burning, which translates into a good response to androgens, greater sensitivity to insulin, lower percentage of fat naturally (BF set point). This makes it clear why people respond differently to steroids, and it depends not only on metabolism but diet as well. Therefore, both men and women who use androgenic steroids may see completely different responses using the same hormone, the same dose, and following the same diet.

So some men and women expect big fat burning using oxandrolone or stanozolol, but often what they see is a big increase in retention, and even fat gain, depending on diet and weight gain. They expect this, precisely because they've heard from other people that it would be like that, but why doesn't it happen?

This is due to distinct metabolic and hormonal responses, insulin sensitivity, and sensitivity to androgens and estrogens. Androgen administration to healthy women was also associated with the development of insulin resistance. The immediate consequence of this is that the pancreas increases insulin production in an attempt to overcome the difficulty of exerting its action, which means greater retention of sodium and water. That's why it's common for some women to have a great increase in retention and even fat using steroids that are supposed to increase fat burning, such as oxandrolone, stanozolol. This is aggravated when using high doses and a high calorie diet.

On the other hand, increased insulin resistance has been observed in men with low testosterone (hypogonadism) and higher levels of estrogen (estradiol). Testosterone replacement therapy reduces insulin resistance and improves glycemic control in hypogonadistic men with type 2 diabetes. This means that more insulin-resistant men will accumulate fat more easily if they keep their estrogen levels elevated. Therefore, men more sensitive to estrogen will accumulate fat more easily during the OFF season when using drugs that suffer a lot of aromatization (testosterone, nandrolone, dianabol), especially with a diet rich in carbohydrates. These are the guys who suffer a lot to dry, they have a naturally high percentage of fat. This increase in insulin resistance due to low testosterone levels in men is an important factor leading to post-steroid cycle fat gain, especially if estrogen levels are elevated, which is quite common.

Androgenic steroids can affect your body fat stores in various ways, by directly modifying metabolism (elevate BMR), lipolytic activity, modification in the androgen/estrogen ratio (T/E2), or by the sensitivity of their receptors to androgens and estrogens ( genetic factor). However, fluctuations in androgen and estrogen levels also affect insulin sensitivity, and this will trigger different responses according to metabolism, diet and hormones used. It is not a simple choice of drugs to dry or to grow, it is necessary to know your metabolism and make a coherent diet not only with your objective, but also with your metabolism.

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