I will make a classification of steroids according to the user's objective, explaining which are the best options according to the priority of the cycle: mass gain (OFF season, bulk), fat burning (cutting, contest), strength, improvement of aesthetic quality.


They are the most powerful androgenic steroids for building muscle mass, which is why these drugs also tend to cause fluid retention (through aromatization), but they are the most anabolic androgenic steroids and the best choice for those who want to gain enough muscle mass during a cycle.

Testosterone, trenbolone (does not aromatize, does not cause retention), dianabol, hemogenin, nandrolone (deca) are the main drugs in this class. Boldenone and turinabol are also good options, mainly aiming at higher quality gains (without retention), but they are not as anabolic as the first 5. Beginners may also consider stanozolol and oxandrolone, but anabolic power is on a par with turinabol and boldenone.


They are the steroids with the greatest power to burn fat (generally the most androgenic as well, and / or that strongly bind to the androgenic receptor).

Trenbolone, oxandrolone, testosterone, primobolan, masteron. Boldenone, stanozolol (widely used in definition cycles, contest), turinabol, also seem to have a good effect on burning fat, but perhaps not as much as the first five.


They are the most powerful steroids for strength, and in general they are also the most anabolic ones (except for halotestin), as we should expect.

Testosterone (mainly water by fast action), trenbolone, hemogenin, dianabol, halotestin (not very anabolic, but very androgenic). Nandrolone, turinabol and oxandrolone are also known to increase strength but not as much as the top five.


They are steroids that in addition to having good potential for burning fat help to decrease water retention, some of them due to possible anti-estrogenic effects (proviron, masteron, primobolan). They are generally low anabolic, with the exception of trenbolone. They are good choices in contest cycles, especially in the final phase where, in addition to burning fat, you want to decrease retention and a denser, more solid and drier aspect of the shape.

Trenbolone, primobolan, masteron, proviron (the weakest in anabolic power, but with the most powerful anti-estrogenic effect among steroids), stanozolol, oxandrolone.

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