- the idea of ​​cycling and PCT to keep the gains is totally wrong, learn this shit once and for all;

- the main hormone for muscle mass gain is testosterone, in men the average weekly production is ~ 50-70mg week and in women it is ~ 4-7mg week;

- the average gain in muscle mass of a natural person will always be higher in the first 3-4 years of training if the diet and training are well done (with advanced knowledge). From ~ 10-20 kg (~ 5-10 kg for women) in the first 2-3 years of training, to only ~ 1-2 kg per year in the following years, when it is already close to the natural limit;

- The genetic potential of people is differentiated by several factors, related to individual hormonal response, sensitivity to insulin, sensitivity to androgens, good receptors, etc. Having high testosterone does not necessarily mean good genetics. So the natural limit takes a long time to reach (~ 10-15 years of training for someone who is experienced) and each person will have their own limit. There is no clear limit here, but we can see in bodybuilders from the 40s and 50s what can be considered a top genetics;

- During a cycle, the doses of androgenic steroids are usually ~ 10-20x higher than your body naturally produces testosterone per week. This will obviously increase your muscle mass very quickly, and you can gain in ~ 2 months what you would gain in ~ 1-2 years. This is the problem, because to gain a lot of muscle mass you needed to use 10-20x more hormone than your body produces, so when you stop the cycle your body will have great difficulty maintaining the gains;

- During the cycle your natural testosterone production will be interrupted due to the exogenous use of steroids. So after the cycle, you go from 10-20x more hormone to almost 0 testosterone (below what you had naturally). This drop in hormone levels will prevent you from maintaining cycle gains, and even with a well-rounded PCT you will only return to producing your natural testosterone levels to maintain gains. So the 5-10 kg of weight gained during the cycle cannot be maintained, because the post-cycle hormone levels are much lower than during the cycle. In other words, in the long run you can only maintain what you would achieve naturally;

- Cycle with unused intervals (with PCT) can only produce temporary gains. In the long run, its shape regresses. If you cycle chicken you will keep part of the gains by adapting the organism, but the closer to the natural limit, the more difficult it is to maintain any gain. If you hold the weight gained in the cycle, your BF will go up a lot due to the post-cycle hormonal imbalance;

- the greater the abuse during the cycle, the greater the gains and also the greater the chance of collateral. The post-cycle hormonal crash is also exacerbated. You gain a lot, you lose a lot, and you suffer more with a drop in libido, fat gain, discouragement and post-cycle depression;

- the recovery of the post-cycle steroid axis is more complicated than most imagine, so it is necessary to control it with hormonal tests, mainly before and after the cycle. Some drugs can take 2 months to stop inhibiting their hormonal axis (deca, durateston, boldenone). Some people recover faster, others much slower. Count 2 months to start PCT and at least 2 more months to restore your hormonal balance, lol, you're fucked after a cycle like this;

- After a cycle you can take an average of 3-6 months to return to evolve (much longer if you don't regulate your hormonal axis), and in the meantime, your physique will be regressing due to the unfavorable hormonal condition after the cycle. PCT doesn't change that, it's just a protocol for minimizing damage and recovering natural testosterone, and not something that will keep the cycle going. If you think like that, you didn't understand anything I said;

- Absurd gains in muscle mass and low percentage of fat depend on the continuous use of steroids. Then comes the question of how much you care about your health and how much you resist collateral. It is very complicated to stay healthy and without problems with continuous use of steroids, especially if you are new, chicken and inexperienced;

- Some athletes usually alternate cycle with PCT and / or short intervals without the use of hormones, but as soon as the shape regresses, they use it again;

- wellness / bikini / bodyfitness athletes do not need to abuse steroids, and many are able to maintain a good shape with intervals without the use of steroids, but this depends a lot on the genetic potential and dedication of the athlete;

- women who create expectations with hormones forget that. A good wellness / bikini shape is not built with abuse, it depends a lot on genetic response, training time and a lot of dedication. Many athletes do not use more than 10-20mg of oxandrolone a day. Trying to create a shape with abuse will end up bringing you many virilizing collaterals and masculinization, don't be stupid, it takes patience, discipline and knowledge to evolve;

- women do not suffer from the inhibition of the post-cycle hormonal axis, but the post-cycle side effects (fat gain, low libido, discouragement, etc.) are the result of the aggressive variation caused by the use of androgenic steroids. One more reason to avoid abuse, as aggressive hormonal variations enhance post-cycle side effects;

- I don't need to talk about the use of GH in a shit shape, right, the same shit will continue, I'm tired of explaining it;

- your dream shape can depend a lot on the continuous use of hormones or on a genetic potential that you don't have. But forget about the idea of ​​cycling and pct thinking you are going to get somewhere, it is illusory. If you care about your health, try your best to explore training and diet strategies, have a lot of patience, acquire a lot of knowledge, to explore the maximum of your genetic potential. It takes many years, consistency, discipline, maturity. Then you can be much more aware of how much you need hormones to get where you want and if the risk really pays off for you;

- you can ignore a lot of my advice and keep doing shit. Many learn by making mistakes, others do not learn and give up. I'm sure that the majority who read this here will not learn, because having a strong spirit to transform the body is for a few, you can see it every day walking on the street. The vast majority of people were not born for this, they are just passing through.

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