Professionals Cycle: 70s (ARNOLD ERA)

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1970: D-Bol and Deca were still the preferred combination in the early 70's and in fact most bodybuilders would use this combination until a show just dropped D-Bol three days before the contest. As the decade progressed other combos were experimented with personnel, such as Anadrol (hemogenin) / Anavar (oxandrolone)… .Deca / Winstrol (stanozolol)… and Arnold's favorite: Primobolan acetate and D-Bol. By the end of the decade thyroid drugs were just beginning to be tried for that ultra-ripped look. Normally, during this time in bodybuilding, bodybuilders would be maybe six months ON drugs and at least six months clean.

Sergio Oliva commented in his interview that it was Arnold who brought the steroids to the USA. I don't know what he really meant by that, since he already had steroids in the US, but they say that Arnold and Serge Nubret were taking dianabol hand in hand. Nubret was even participating in a forum in his 70s and when asked about a user's use of steroids he was irritated. In general, the BB's of the old ones publicly deny the use of steroids (Arnold, Columbu, Zane, Nubret), and those who talk about the use usually report low dosages (Mentzer), possibly to preserve the image.

Some forum users who trained at that time also often report that they used doses lower than today (10 to 20mg of dianabol per day), but what was among the elite guys nobody knows for sure.
Bodybuilding expert Nelson Montana reports the following dosages to Arnold and Zane:
He reported he liked 600mg of cousin week and 50mg of d-bol a day.
Frank combined 100mg of deca and 100mg of prime week and used some thyroid hormone (T3) as well.

You really can't believe that they used such low dosages and managed to reach a level much higher than a person using larger dosages today.
Many say that Zane abused the use of T3 with a shape that is always frighteningly dry, but never really big, the exact body you want to get with drugs and other T3. And the legs,

Zane said he used to do 5 sets of leg extensions every day, no matter what he trained.

See what Mike Mentzer reported in an interview with Iron Magazine in 2000:
TS: “What kind of steroid regimen were you on when you got a perfect score on Mr. Universe?

Mentzer: “. I took 400mg of Deca Durabolin every 10-14 days,…. and not more than five Dianabol a day ”

He also said that the longest time he has stayed on a cycle was three months and he never spent more than $ 500 on drugs.

Casey Viator, pro of the 70s and early 80s (disciple of Artur Jones, creator of the HIT training method), stated that all pro's used high doses of steroids as they do today, claiming that Mike Mentzer even used 2 , 5 g of DECA per week.
Many believe that Mike lost unfairly to Arnold at the 1980 Olympia, because Arnold was the darling of the Weider brothers, while Mentzer was a disciple of the great Artur Jones, creator of HIT. What is certain is that Mike retired after that Olympia.

A curiosity also cited in Darkham's article:
“In the 70s, many bodybuilders developed strange“ bumps ”in the mammary gland ... at first nobody noticed, but more and more competitors started to appear with gynecomastia. In 1981 Mr Olympia (Franco Columbu) was quite serious. Just before Dan Duchaine announced a new drug that would solve the problem. Nolvadex (tamoxifen) was popularized by Duchaine's first book “Underground Steroid Handbook”.

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