Being in doubt between PCT and cruise doesn't make a lot of sense. Of course, a cruise will be infinitely better to maintain the gains than a PCT, since in a post-cycle you have a totally unfavorable hormonal condition (low testosterone, high estrogens and cortisol), making it a favorable environment for muscle mass loss and fat gain, just the opposite of the cycle.

PCT is more effective for… restoring some rates that are altered by the use of steroids (mainly: lipid profile, TGO, TGP) and mitigating the violent hormonal imbalance generated by the cycle, in order to restore the HPT axis (hypothalamus-pituitary- testicular) as soon as possible, and bring the general functioning of the organism back to normal, as in the pre-cycle. The post-cycle environment is really a very stressful state for the body, and certainly for those who want to cycle or compete in bodybuilding often, it would be best to go on a cruise, where you are less effective in restoring certain rates (such as cholesterol), but on the other hand, it avoids the post-cycle violent hormonal crash, maintaining a much more favorable hormonal environment for maintaining gains and also avoiding aggressive collateral generated by post-cycle hormonal imbalance (drop in libido, post-cycle depression, loss of muscle mass, etc. ), which even with an efficient PCT protocol are often unavoidable.

But remember that staying on fire will leave your HPT axis off (compromising mainly your fertility), and the longer the cycle, the more difficult and time-consuming the recovery. Anyway, many times staying on fire can leave some rates so altered, that even during the cruise it will be difficult to normalize, and you will be forced to suspend the cycle to bring these rates back to normal. That is why for those who stay on fire continuously, constant surveillance of their body is essential with the accompaniment of exams, as a tactic to minimize damage.

You can even evolve on a cruise, but it won't happen right after the cycle (unless your cycle and strategy were rubbish and you did a good cruise). If you spend a long time on cruise, you will arrive at some point q with the physiological adaptations again balanced, you will again have a favorable environment for anabolism and fat burning.

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