Oxymetholone is a derivative of DHT, 17 AA, class 2 (binds weakly to the androgen receptor, AR), with possible progestogenic effects, reduces GLSH [1].

Hemogenin is known to be the most powerful oral steroid for gains in muscle mass and strength (anabolism / androgenicity: 320/45). Weight gains with this drug are usually very fast and not very solid, so many users often use it at the beginning of a cycle as a kick start (~ 3-6 weeks), with a large part of these gains being water retention, and therefore side effects such as high blood pressure, headache and swelling are very common, in addition to side effects due to their androgenicity such as acne, oiliness, hair loss, etc. It is an alpha-alkylated 17, one of the most hepatotoxic among steroids in this group [2], and also affects the lipid profile negatively. Although it belongs to the DHT family and does not aromatize, gynecomastia with this drug is very common, possibly due to progestin effects (+2, +3 on the Haluch scale) [3, 4, 5]. It can also suppress appetite, increase insulin resistance and glucose intolerance [6]. This has the effect of making the absorption of macronutrients more inefficient, and can also be a factor in reducing gain when the dosage goes up to or above 100mg / day.
Hemogenin has also been shown to be effective in reducing levels of GLSH (globulin linked to sex hormones), which increases the availability of androgens and free testosterone, increasing the effectiveness of a cycle when combined with other steroids [7]. Strength athletes can form a powerful combo combining oxymetholone with testosterone and trenbolone, as Dan Duchaine proposed in UnderGround Steroid HandBook in doses of up to 150 mg / day. Being that doses much larger than this do not seem to bring much greater gains.

It is normally used in mass gain cycles with an average dose of ~ 100mg / day for 3-6 weeks, and its half-life is ~ 8-9 hours. Some athletes also often use this drug - in combination with some anti-estrogen - in the last weeks of a pre-contest diet for increasing the red blood cell count, with the aim of retaining the maximum muscle volume.
This drug can be used by women in doses of 12.5 to 50mg per day with some risk of virilization [8].


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