Halotestin was launched on the market in 1957 by Upjohn

Fluoxymesterone was launched on the American market in 1957 by the Upjohn laboratory under the trade name Halotestin, a name that enshrined this steroid among bodybuilders and strength athletes.

It is a low anabolic hormone, but very androgenic, and considered the steroid that most increases aggressiveness. It is an alpha-alkylated oral 17 steroid, considered the most hepatotoxic among steroids. It is a derivative of methyltestosterone (oral testosterone 17aa) made to potentiate its androgenic effects and not undergo aromatization, but it still converts to DHT. As it does not flavor and provides quality gains, experienced bodybuilders usually use this drug at the end of the pre-contest period, in the last few weeks, in doses ranging from 20 to 40mg per day, aiming to increase performance in training in the most difficult phase of preparation . Due to its hepatotoxicity it is not recommended to use for more than 4-6 weeks.

Fluoxymesterone is also known to increase red blood cells more than most steroids. In addition to increased aggression and strength, this motif also makes it a drug of interest for wrestlers and rugby or football players. Due to its highly androgenic nature, Halotestin should be avoided by women due to the high risk of virilization, although it has therapeutic use to treat breast cancer. Its use in the medical clinic for androgen replacement in men is unusual, since there are better and less aggressive alternatives (testosterone). Halotestin has low commercial availability on the black market and little used by bodybuilders here in America.

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