Evolution of Drugs and Olympics (Doping):

Mexico 1968: 1 case
-Hans-Gunnar Liljenwall (Sue), modern pentathlon, alcoholic

Munich 1972: 7 cases (OLYMPICS OF EPHEDRINE)
- Aad van Den Hoek (Hol), cycling, coramine (stimulant)
- Bakhaava Buidaa (Mgl), judo, caffeine (stimulant)
- Jaime Huelamo (Esp), cycling, coramine (stimulant)
- Miguel Coll (Ptr), basketball, ephedrine (stimulant)
- Mohamad Nasehi Ar Jomand (Ira), weightlifting, ephedrine (stimulant)
- Rick Demont (USA), swimming, ephedrine (stimulant)
- Walter Legel (Aut), weightlifting, ephedrine (stimulant)

Montreal 1976: 11 cases (OLYMPICS OF STEROIDS)
- Arne Norback (Sue), weightlifting, anabolic agent
- Blagoi Blagoev (Bul), weightlifting, anabolic agent
- Danuta Rosani (Pol), athletics, anabolic agent
- Dragomir Ciorosian (Rom), weightlifting, anabolic agent
- Lorne Leibel (Can), candle, phenylpropanolamine (stimulant)
- Mark Cameron (USA), weightlifting, anabolic agent
- Paul Cerrutti (Mon), shooting, amphetamines (stimulant)
- Petr Pavlasek (Chq), weightlifting, anabolic agent
- Phillip Grippaldi (USA), weightlifting, anabolic agent
- Valentin Hristov (Bul), weightlifting, anabolic agent
- Zbigniew Kaczmarek (Pol), weightlifting, anabolic agent

Moscow 1980: no cases (OLYMPICS OF ABUSE)

Los Angeles 1984: 12 cases (OLYMPICS OF THE DECA)
- Ahmed Tarbi (Arg), weightlifting, nandrolone (anabolic steroid)
- Anna Verouli (Gre), athletics, nandrolone (anabolic steroid)
- Eiji Shimomura (Jap), volleyball, testosterone (anabolic steroid)
- Gianpaolo Urlando (Ita), athletics, testosterone (anabolic steroid)
- Goran Pefferson (Sue), weightlifting, nandrolone (anabolic steroid)
- Mahmoud Tarha (Lib), weightlifting, nandrolone (anabolic steroid)
- Martti Vainio (Fin), athletics, mestenolone (anabolic steroid)
- Mikiyasu Tanaka (Jap), volleyball, ephedrine (stimulant)
- Serafin Grammatikopolous (Gre), weightlifting, nandrolone (anabolic steroid)
- Stefan Laggner (Aut), weightlifting, nandrolone (anabolic steroid)
- Tomas Johansson (Sue), fight, mestenolone (anabolic steroid)
- Vesteinn Hafsteinsson (Isl), athletics, nandrolone (anabolic steroid)

- Alexander Watson (Aus), modern pentathlon, caffeine (stimulant)
- Alidad (Afg), amateur fights, furosemide (diuretic / masking agent)
- Andor Szanyi (Hun), weightlifting, stanazolol (anabolic steroid)
- Angel Genchev (Bul), weightlifting, furosemide (diuretic / masking agent)
- Ben Johnson (Can), athletics, stanazolol (anabolic steroid)
- Fernando Mariaca (Esp), weightlifting, pemolina (stimulant)
- Jorge Quesada (Esp), modern pentathlon, propranolol (beta-blocker)
- Kalman Scengeri (Hun), weightlifting, stanazolol (anabolic steroid)
- Kerrith Brown (Gbr), judo, furosemide (diuretic / masking agent)
- Mitko Grablev (Bul), weightlifting, furosemide (diuretic / masking agent)

Barcelona 1992: 5 cases (OLIMPÍADA DO CLEMBUTEROL)
- Bonnie Dasse (USA), athletics, clenbuterol (anabolic agent)
- Jud Logan (USA), athletics, clenbuterol (anabolic agent)
- Madina Biktagirova (Blr), athletics, norephedrine (stimulant)
- Nijole Medvedieva (Lit), athletics, mesocarb (stimulating)
- Wu Dan (Chn), volleyball, strychnine (stimulant)

Atlanta 1996: 2 cases
- Iva Prandzheva (Bul), athletics, metandienone (anabolic steroid)
- Natalya Shekhodanova (Rus), athletics, stanazolol (anabolic steroid)

Sydney 2000: 10 cases (NANDROLONE AND LASIX)
- Alexander Leipold (Ale), amateur fights, nandrolone (anabolic steroid)
- Andreea Raducan (Rom), gymnastics, pseudoephedrine (stimulant)
- Andris Reinholds (Let), paddle, nandrolone (anabolic steroid)
- Ashot Danielyan (Arm), weightlifting, stanazolol (anabolic steroid)
- Fritz Aanes (Nor), amateur fights, nandrolone (anabolic steroid)
- Ivan Ivanov (Bul), weightlifting, furosemide (diuretic / masking agent)
- Izabela Drganeva (Bul), weightlifting, furosemide (diuretic / masking agent)
- Marion Jones (USA), athletics, tetrahydrogestrinone (anabolic steroid)
- Oyunbileg Purevbaatar (Mgl), amateur fights, furosemide (diuretic / masking agent)
- Sevdalin Minchev (Bul), weightlifting, furosemide (diuretic / masking agent)

Athens 2004: 25 cases (DRUG DIVERSITY)
- Adrian Annus (Hun), hammer throw, refusal to submit to control
- Albina Khomich (Rus), weightlifting, testosterone (anabolic steroid)
- Aleksey Lesnichiy (Blr), athletics, clenbuterol (anabolic steroid)
- Andrew James Brack (Gre), baseball, stanazolol (anabolic steroid) (anabolic steroid)
- Anton Galkin (Rus), athletics, stanazolol (anabolic steroid)
- Aye Khine Nan (Myn), weightlifting, anabolic agent
- David Munyasi (Que), boxing, catina (stimulating)
- Derek Nicholson (Gre), baseball, diuretic / masking agent
- Ekaterini Thanou (Gre), athletics, resigned after escape from control
- Ferenc Gyurkovics (Hun), weightlifting, oxandrolone (anabolic steroid)
- Irina Korzhanenko (Rus), athletics, stanazolol (anabolic steroid)
- Kostas Kenteris (Gre), athletics, resigned after escape from control
- Leonidas Sampanis (Gre), weightlifting, testosterone (anabolic steroid)
- Ludger Beerbaum (Ale), equestrian (betamethasone, glucocorticosteroid, used on the horse)
- Mabel Fonseca (Ptr), boxing, stanazolol (anabolic steroid)
- Maria Luisa Calle Williams (Col), cycling, heptaminol (stimulant) - disqualification canceled by the Sports Arbitral Tribunal, considering that heptaminol was the result of the transformation, in laboratory analyzes, of isometeptene, a component of the drug Neosaldina, taken by the Colombian due to to a headache.
- Olena Olefirenko (Ucr), rowing, etamivan (stimulating)
- Olga Shchukina (Uzb), athletics, clenbuterol (anabolic agent) (anabolic steroid)
- Pratima Kumari (Ind), weightlifting, anabolic agent
- Robert Fazekas (Hun), athletics, attempted sample manipulation
- Sanamacha Chanu (Ind), weightlifting, furosemide (diuretic / masking agent) (diuretic)
- Sule Sahbaz (Tur), weightlifting, anabolic agent
- Viktor Chislean (Mdv), weightlifting, anabolic agent
- Wafa Ammouri (Mar), weightlifting, anabolic agent
- Zoltan Kecskes (Hun), weightlifting, anabolic agent
- Zoltan Kovacs (Hun), weightlifting, refusing to supply urine samples

Beijing 2008: 21 cases (OLYMPICS OF ERYTHROPOIETIN)
- Adam Seroczynski (Pol), canoeing, clenbuterol (anabolic agent)
- Athanasia Tsoumeleka (Gre), athletics, gait, CERA (long-acting erythropoietin)
- Bernardo Alves (Bra), horseback riding, analgesic capsaicin (to the horse Chupa Chup)
- Christian Ahlmann (Ale), equestrian, capsaicin pain reliever (to the Cöster horse),
- Courtney King (USA), equestrian, anti-inflammatory Felbinac (horse Mythilus)
- Davide Rebellin, cycling, CERA (long-acting erythropoietin)
- Denis Lynch (Ire), equestrian, Ireland, capsaicin pain reliever (Lantinus horse)
- Do Thi Ngan Thuong (Vie), gymnastics, furosemide (masking agent)
- Fani Halkia (Gre), athletics, methyltrienolone (anabolic steroid)
- Igor Razoronov (Ucr), weightlifting, nandrolone (anabolic steroid)
- Ivan Tsikhan (Blr), athletics, hammer throw, testosterone (anabolic steroid)
- Kim Jong Su (CrN), shot, propanolol (beta-blocker)
- Lyudmila Blonska (Ucr), heptathlon, athletics, methyltestosterone (anabolic steroid)
- Maria Isabel Moreno (Esp), cycling, erythropoietin (or EPO)
- Rashid Ramzi, athletics, 1500 meters, CERA (long-acting erythropoietin)
- Rodrigo Pessoa (Bra), equestrian, anti-inflammatory nonivamide (to Rufus horse)
- Stefan Schumacher (Ale), cycling, CERA (long-acting erythropoietin)
- Tony André Hansen (Nor), equestrian, capsaicin pain reliever (with Camiro horse)
- Vadim Devyatovskiy (Blr), athletics, hammer throw, testosterone (anabolic steroid)
- Vanja Perisic (Cro), athletics, 800m,, CERA (long-acting erythropoietin)
- Yudelquis Contreras (RDom), weightlifting, CERA (long-acting erythropoietin)

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