Testosterone propionate 2 days
Testosterone phenylpropionate 3 days
Nandrolone phenylpropionate 3 days
Testosterone isocaproate 4 days
Testosterone decanoate 7 days
Nandrolone decanoate 6-7 days
Testosterone cypionate 6 days
Testosterone enanthate 5 days
Drostanolone-Provided 2 days
Methenolone enanthate 5 days
Boldenone Undecylenate 7 days
Trenbolone Acetate 2 days
Trenbolone enanthate 5-6 days

Oral - 17AA (Time in hours approximately)

Stanozolol 7-9 hours
Oxandrolone 4-6 hours
Methandrostenolone 4-6 hours
Oxymetholone 5-6 hours

Why are these values ​​so low compared to the previous tables?

Simply because the previous tables were based on the theory of a famous steroid writer Bill Roberts, who formulated years ago that to know the half-life of a steroid it was only to multiply the amount of carbons of the ster by 1.5, that is, the testosterone propionate that has three carbons in the ester would then have 4.5 days of half life and the testosterone decanoate (10 carbons) would have 15 days. Unfortunately your metabolism does not know mathematics, nor does this formula appear to be simple, but it does not work in practice. So this table is completely outdated since today there are already "in vivo" studies for almost all drugs on the market, with values ​​much more reliable than those proposed in the theory of Bill Roberts.


Approximate half-life of some injectable anabolic steroids:
Nandrolone decanoate: 15 days
Boldenone Undecylenate: 14 to 16 days
Menthol: 10.5 days
Durateston: from 15 to 18 days (1)
Testosterone cypionate: 12 days
Testosterone enanthate: 10.5 days
Testosterone propionate: 4.5 days
Aqueous testosterone: 1 day
Stanozolol: 1 day (2)
Trenbolone Acetate: 3 days
Methenolone Enanthate: 10.5 days

(1) Durateston is a compound of the following esters with their respective approximate half-lives:
Decanoate: 15 days
Phenylpropionate: 4.5 days
Isocaproate: 9 days
Propionate: 4.5 days

(2) Stanozolol has an atypical half-life compared to other injectable drugs, as its crystals dissolve slowly, but as soon as it has dissolved, its concentration declines rapidly.

Approximate half-life of some oral anabolic steroids:
Oxymetholone: ​​8 to 9 hours
Oxandrolone: ​​9 hours
Methandrostenolone: ​​4.5 to 6 days
Methyltestosterone: 4 days
Oral Stanozolol or the injectable form administered orally: 9 hours (read Dictionary of Evil)

Approximate half-life of some non-anabolic steroid drugs:
Clenbuterol hydrochloride: 1.5 days
Clomiphene citrate: 5 days
Aminoglutademida: 6 hours
Ephedrine: 6 hours
Tiratricol: 6 hours
T3: 10 hours
Anastrozole: 3 days

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