Deca is a steroid in the 19 NOR family (nandrolones, trenbolone), progestin, class 1 (strong binding to the androgen receptor, AR).
I consider deca to be one of the healthiest and safest steroids for use in cycles, even in high doses. Deca improves bone mineral content, collagen synthesis, relieves joint pain, increases immunity. Its side effects are mild, and it may be a good choice for users suffering from androgenic side effects of drugs such as testosterone (hair loss, acne, etc.), in addition to not significantly affecting the lipid profile [1]. The most worrying side effect of deca is associated with the fact that it is a progestin (just like trenbolone), which causes it to elevate prolactin and cause severe inhibition of the HPT axis. But there are many controversies in this regard [2] and many users report using high doses of deca without major problems with post-cycle recovery. Because it is a progestin and also causes aromatization (low) Deca also causes water retention, and in general it is a preferred drug in Bulk cycles. However, deca has the advantage of giving more solid gains than drugs like testosterone, although it is less anabolic than it, and some users combine deca with an AI in definition cycles. Even raising prolactin and flavoring, deca has a low risk of causing gynecomastia (+1 on the Haluch scale) [3]. Since it is a long half-life drug, efficient cycles are performed over a period of 8-12 weeks, and I consider it an effective dose of ~ 400mg / week for a beginner. Women recommend doses of ~ 50-100mg per week, with doses of ~ 100mg or higher already causing more aggressive virilizing side effects.

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