I will show you 3 examples of cycles that my athletes and friends have used in a contest diet. See that the 3 use different drugs as the second steroid of the cycle and have testosterone as a base, and I remind you that they are all similarly effective, although the cost may vary. The secret here is simplicity and the smart diet and training strategy. The structure below… may have undergone some changes according to the athlete's evolution and conditions (physical and financial). I can say that any one of them is possible to make a champion at the local (state) level, depending a lot on the athlete's genetics, his dedication and pre-cycle condition. Don't expect wonders from any of these cycles if you don't master the other basics (diet, training, strategy).
The definition cycles last an average of 8 to 12 weeks, a time that varies according to the condition and final goal of the athlete, as well as his experience with diet. The most common testosterone esters in a contest are those with a short half-life (propionate ~ 1-2 days, phenylpropionate ~ 3 days), or even aqueous testosterone (without an ester attached, half-life of a few hours). I always give preference to any legitimate testosterone, regardless of the ester, so preferably those from the pharmacy (durateston, deposteron), after all testo is testo, and retention does not change much by changing from short to long ester in a low carbohydrate diet. But if you are sure of the legitimacy of your propi or phenyl then prefer them. We go to the cycles with the average doses used by the advanced user (average 1.70-1.75, with ~ 85-90kg, BF ~ 10-15%)

1) testosterone- 500-600mg week
trenbolone- 500-700mg week (first experience with trembo can use an average of 300-400mg week)

2) testosterone- 500-600mg week
oxandrolone- 80-100mg per day (beginners can use 60-70 mg per day)

3) testosterone- 500-600mg week
stanozolol- 100mg dsdn (I don't like to use it for more than 8 weeks as it is one of the most aggressive drugs to the lipid profile, but this is very dependent on the individual's response)

A third drug can be added to the cycle depending on the user's experience. The testosterone dose may be higher at the beginning according to the user's experience and structure, but in general it should be reduced at the end according to the retention, diet strategy and the condition close to the championship. Other common steroids in contest are boldenone, primobolan and masteron (average doses of 400-800mg per week), they can be good helpers as a third drug or even as a second drug (especially pail, as long as it takes care of a possible increase in appetite with it). Anti-estrogenic drugs (SERM’s: tamoxifen, clomid; IA’s: anastrozole, letrozole, exemestane) can also be used according to the athlete’s experience, strategy and conditioning.

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