“1.Listen to your body.

2. Four days of training / week is not a must when you are hormone free. 2-3 will be used for maintenance ,,, a rest would also help.

3. You grow up outside the gym. You grow OUT of the gym. You grow OUT OF THE ACADEMY.

4. Eliminate repetitive exercises. Exp: you have already done 3 sets of the incline bench press and 3 sets of the rectum and now you are going to fly, or do not train the chest. there is no need to ,, inclined ,, straight ,, declined ,, inclined on the machine etc ,, because this will not make you grow, train intelligently.

5. Train hard but train well! Heavy for you can be squatting with 102kg. Do it right, start there.

6.Dedicate a few days a month to “everything I can lift and then some” training style, in these workouts you can boost your ego by lifting as you like and whatever you want, and you don't have to keep one good shape too. Make sure you know about your bodybuilding and its limitations so you don't get injured !! This is very good if you want to impress local bitches when you are cycling. These are also one of the few days that I suggest entering a gym at night! So you feel good about yourself.

7. When you want to train seriously go to train early in the morning when the owner opens the gym. The moment you start to go in the afternoon and early in the evening you start your progress. It may be a young lady but the physique continues the same.

8. Wear a cap and make an angry face so no one will try to talk to you because this will end the intensity and you spent the most money on drugs.
9.Always weigh yourself on the scale when bulk up. You want size and weight no matter what. There is no better feeling than waking up in the morning while cycling and with 4.5 to 9 pounds more.

10.BF% and muscle breakdown are good on stage! If you gain enough muscle, you'll be big and muscular and defined and ripped and buff and puff. There is also no need to wear a tank top, if you have muscles they will appear through the normal shirt. Don't pay close attention to the bf% when you are bulk up, try to keep it below 15%. ”

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